Accupuncture on my brain

I am involved in some in depth study of the acupuncture points on the head.  There is so much information that gets processed inside our heads.  The cognition that goes on in there is really special to our particular species.  I love that through acupuncture we can  access the deep intelligence we are all capable of.  The ability to meet life’s challenges with grace and power.

I will not outline all of the points in this blog post, but I’d like to give you all an experiment to try.  Put your hands on your head, and with your fingertips massage your scalp.  Work your fingers into all the different parts of your scalp, from your hairline to the place where your scalp meets your neck.  Do this for a minute or so.  And while you are massaging your head, think about what an amazing being you are.  It is important to remember this.  Because sometimes we forget.