What is the Heart?

In Chinese Medicine, the Summer is associated with the Fire Element, and the Heart.  eye of the gerbera

When I learned about the Heart in Chinese Medicine, what it is, and it’s implications for my life and for all of humanity, it was nothing short of revolutionary.  I’d like to share a little here about the Chinese concept of the heart, and some tips on getting in touch with that place in yourself.

In Chinese medicine, we talk about both the physical and the energetic heart.  The physical heart, even from a strictly biomedical/Western perspective, is miraculous.  It is a muscle that beats continuously for our entire lives pumping blood throughout our body.  But the heart is so much more than this incredible muscle.

In Chinese medicine the heart is a radiant void where Shen, or spirit, resides.  The heart contains our own personal connection with the divine.

My teacher, Thea Elijah, uses the metaphor of a doughnut and and a doughnut hole to describe this concept.  You can think about your physical and emotional being as the doughnut.  We are all very different types of donuts!  There are some donuts that we like, and some that we just can’t stand.  But in every doughnut, the hole in the center is the same.  It is that space in the middle of the doughnut, the doughnut hole, that is the Heart.  It is where the light comes through. It is the radiant void.

See if you can take a moment to feel that in yourself.  It helps to put a hand on the upper part of your chest and feel the warmth of your hand over your heart.  You can also  make the sound “Ahhh” so that you can feel your fingers on your chest vibrating.  This helps to open the heart.  Allow yourself to feel that contained within you is the light of the divine.

And be gentle with yourself.  This may take some time.  This is a wonderful practice to do while laying in bed at night.


Interested in learning more about connecting to your heart?