Beating The Winter Blues

I’m not going to lie to you; it was pretty hard to get out of bed this morning.  And then when I heard on the radio about the record breaking low temperatures… Let’s just say it feels like a miracle that I made it into the office rather than scurrying back under the covers (side note: I wrote this on Tuesday when it was -18 in the AM. Despite it now being above zero, I am still sick of the cold).
If you are anything like me, the winter can start to get you down, particularly the late winter.  You know, this time of year when the days are getting longer, and you are just itching to be outside without 12 layers of clothing.  
Turn Turn Turn 

The feelings of sadness, frustration, anger, anxiety and restlessness that can take hold in February do not mean that you are crazy.  They actually mean that you are in touch with the seasons.  
From a Chinese Five Element perspective, the seasons have started to shift from Winter to Spring.  Winter is the time of the water element, and it’s all about quiet reflection.  Spring is the time of the wood element.  Wood has everything to do with creativity and forward motion.  Things can feel a bit hurky-jerk when your body and mind are ready for the movement and creativity of spring, but the weather is still bitter cold and your yard is buried under feet of snow.  
Dream Time

So, great, now you know you are in tune with the seasons, but you still feel pretty crummy.  The good news is that this is a great time to prepare for Spring.  This can mean the literal Spring that promises to arrive in the next couple months.  It can also be the metaphorical Spring; the season of your life when you can move forward on new projects.  
Right now, when you are itching to get moving on something (and maybe you don’t even know what that something is), is a great time to start to dream and scheme.  What would make your life better? Would be just plain fun? Now is the time to dream big.  You can pair it down later.  What get’s your juices flowing and your sap rising? 
Get Moving

One of the best ways I have found to start this process is to move your physical body.  Things can get a little cramped in your body and mind during the hibernation of winter.  Moving your body helps to get your creative juices flowing.  
I know that even this can be a tall order in sub zero temperatures.  You may need to get creative.  Find something that you enjoy doing and go from there.  Maybe take a dance class or dance around your living room.  Strap some yak tracks or spikes onto your shoes and brave the cold for a brisk walk.  Find an at home exercise video (there are some great ones online) that you enjoy, or look into local exercise classes.
Spring is Coming 

The key to beating the late winter blues is to know that you are not crazy for feeling them.  Your are just experiencing the normal discomfort that happens as we move from the Winter to the Spring; from Water to Wood.  Now is the time to dream big.  You may still be cooped up inside, but allow your mind to roam.  Help free those creative juices by moving your body as well; you’ll feel better physically and mentally. 
Together is Better

If the late winter blues feel insurmountable, remember that you do not have to cope with them alone! There are many different herbal and nutritional therapies that can help you feel better.  Acupuncture and cranial-sacral therapy are also wonderful ways to help balance your body and mind with the changing season.  

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Be Well,

Dr. Rebecca

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