Massachusetts Licensure – Frequently Asked Questions

When will the bill go into effect?

We don’t know exactly, but it will likely be a year or more.

Will my insurance cover my visits now that bill has passed?

The bill does not contain any provisions regarding insurance coverage.  Once it goes into effect it will be up to individual insurance companies to determine whether they will cover naturopathic doctors. If you have acupuncture benefits, then acupuncture services will likely be covered.

Can you order blood tests and other laboratory evaluations?

Once the law goes into effect I will be able to order many laboratory procedures.  If you need laboratory work done prior the bill going into effect, we can do so through my Brattleboro office.  You will need to have at least one in person visit in Brattleboro (45 minutes from Northampton).

Can you be my primary care doctor?

At this time, I cannot serve as your primary care doctor in MA.