“People have been telling me I look great and seem really happy. I tell them it’s because of my work with you. You are definitely helping me heal my knee, but I have also experienced an energetic shift that has allowed me to let go of some old stuff and create room for a lot of positive things to come into my life. I am so glad to be working together on this healing, inside and out.” Amy Woolf

“Thank you for listening, researching, taking time to explain and try different things.  You are THE BEST!” Leslie Markey

“So very many of my aches and pains that I’ve long ago accepted as part of my life are gone!! I’m still in a euphoric state of wonder. I’m catching myself noticing things like “Hey, I’m not limping as much”. As I sit here at my laptop still pain free I want to thank you once again for your work with me.” Enid Segal

“When I first came in to see Dr. Shwartz for Rheumatoid arthritis, I was having pain in my hands that made it difficult to do regular household chores. My pain is now greatly reduced, and my lab values are back down to normal! Coming into see Dr. Shwartz is always a peaceful and relaxing experience. She is very easy to talk to.” Evelyn Pennel

“Rebecca brings very genuine warmth and caring into her practice. I can easily relax with her and she meets wherever I am at with a lot of love. I really appreciate how she listens to my concerns at a deep level, and supports me in holding some of life’s big questions along my journey to greater health.  Rebecca has helped me to see how difficult health issues can be opportunities for growth in ways I could never have imagined or seen on my own.”  Faith Killough

“My previous experience with naturopaths was that they prescribe way more supplements than I wanted to swallow. When I saw Rebecca for support during and after cancer treatment, I was pleased that she was quite thoughtful about recommending a limited number of supplements and making dietary suggestions that were achievable for me. I also appreciate that Rebecca was able to back up her suggestions with research, and was always willing to take the time to help find answers to my questions.” Laurel Turk, Lic. Ac.

“After suffering from devastating depression, I have a feeling of well-being and peacefulness inside. I feel a real happiness that I haven’t felt in years. This is more than I could gain from taking a pill, and I am very grateful!” L.D.

“Rebecca has a gentle touch, and a beautiful way of being present without being overbearing.  I felt that my session with her was profound, and I feel better! I feel like I am more in touch with myself, which is what it is all about anyway.”  Maya Ray, Certified Rolpher and Yoga Teacher.

“I feel like I have my kid back!  My daughter has been suffering from Crohn’s disease, and after just two weeks on the diet you recommended she is feeling so much better.  Thank you!” Mindy Durgin

“Rebecca’s combination of craniosacral therapy and acupuncture is deeply relaxing, nourishing and balancing.  I highly recommend her!” Leslie Cerier, The Organic Gourmet


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