How It All Works

office exam 2The first thing to know is that you are not broken.  You are not a mess (even if it might seem like that).  You may be someone who has gone a little (or quite a bit) off balance, but fundamentally you are a healthy person.  My job, if you decide to hire me, is to help your find your way back to that balance and health.

My treatment approach is effective because it addresses your health on multiple levels:

  1. Removing things that are blocking your ability to heal, such as bacteria, yeast, viruses and toxic metals.  Limiting beliefs also fit into this category.
  2. Organ function: making sure that all of your organ systems are functioning optimally.
  3. Physical Structure: correcting structural imbalances that are causing pain and ill health. Addressing energetic/mental/emotional blockages that are sabotaging your ability to heal.

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